Filmed over the course of two years, Tim Metzger served as lead Director of Photography for this landmark Emmy-nominated series following the reconstruction of the World Trade Center. The story of the rebuilding is told through the eyes of construction workers, architects and 9/11 family members who came together to bring new life to Lower Manhattan.
The six-episode series was executive produced by Steven Spielberg and premiered on Discovery in late August 2011, two weeks ahead of the 10th anniversary and the official opening of the 9/11 Memorial to the public. As Director of Photography, Tim Metzger helped create the visual style of the series and collaborated with a talented team of cinematographers over a year and a half of filming. He worked side by side with all trades, from stone masons to ironworkers, and was filming for Discovery atop Tower One in 2013 as the spire was erected, making it (briefly) the tallest building in North America.

2012 Emmy nominee for best primetime documentary series

2012 Special presentation, Camerimage

Director of Photography: Tim Metzger
Executive Producer: Steven Spielberg
Executive Producer: Danny Forster
Supervising Producers: Chris Cassel, Jessica Conway
Narrator: Ed Harris
Production Companies: KPI / Dreamworks